The DEPS Team

DEPS Directors (Term of service)

Dr. Tim Andreadis (2009-2015)

Bill Decker (2010-2016)

Mark Henderson (2010-2016)

Dr. James Horkovich, (2009-2015)

David Kiel (2013-2016)

Jeff Maloney (2015-2018)

Dr. Roger McGinnis (2013-2016)

Dr. Sean Ross (2015-2018)

Dr. Harold Schall (2015-2018)

Directors Emeritus

Dr. William Baker (2000-2009)

Dr. Rettig Benedict Jr. (2003-2009)

Denny Boesen (2000-2008)

Edward Duff (2000-2010)

Dr. Louis Marquet (2004-2010)

Dr. Thomas Meyer (2006-2012)

Ed Pogue (2005-2011)

Dr. Jim Riker (2008-2011)

John Wachs (2007-2013)

DEPS Officers
  President Dr. James Horkovich
  Vice-President Jeff Maloney
  Secretary Dr. Sean Ross
  Treasurer Dr. Harold Schall

DEPS Personnel
  Executive Director Mark Neice
  Executive Administrator & Events Coordinator Cynnamon Spain, CMP, CGMP
  Business Manager & Facility Security Officer Tiffany Bjelke
  Publications Dr. Sam Blankenship

Board of Scientific and Engineering Advisors (Year term expires)
  William Baker (2014)
  Louis Marquet (2014)
  Paul McManamon (2015)
  Tom Meyer (2016)
  Jack Slater (2015)

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Last updated: 4 March 2015