Journal of Directed Energy

Journal of Directed Energy
Dr. Samuel M. Blankenship, Editor

The Journal of Directed Energy is a peer-reviewed publication of the Directed Energy Professional Society (DEPS). It addresses the many aspects of fully engineered directed energy (DE) systems and advances DEPS vision of becoming the premier institution for the exchange of DE information. The Journal is made possible by grants from the High Energy Laser Joint Technology Office and by funding from DEPS.

The Journal of Directed Energy provides a central source for the dissemination and exchange of timely information on the various aspects of DE. It provides a forum for the collegial interaction necessary for the testing of ideas and for identifying new opportunities and directions for the advancement of the field. Although other forums exist for publishing archival papers in the various fields associated with DE, The Journal is distinguished by its focus on the emerging DE engineering and system issues, and by its willingness to publish classified papers.

The Journal of Directed Energy offers:

  • Original research
  • Classified and unclassified editions
  • Individual and institutional subscriptions
  • Rigorous peer-review process
  • International visibility
  • High standards of quality and service

  • Submissions to the Journal

    The Journal of Directed Energy solicits and publishes both classified and unclassified papers in all aspects of DE, with particular emphasis on the engineering issues of the discipline, including:

  • DE System Design
  • High Energy Lasers
  • High Power Microwave Systems
  • Laser Optics
  • Acquisition, Tracking, and Pointing
  • Propagation Effects
  • Pulsed Electromagnetics
  • Antenna Systems
  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • DE Modeling and Simulation
  • Human Factors
  • Self Protection Issues
  • Test and Evaluation
  • HPM Bio-Effects
  • The Journal of Directed Energy published only unclassified, public release papers. The Journal of Directed Energy (Limited Edition) publishes only classified papers. Instructions for manuscript submission are available here.


    Subscriptions to Unclassified Journal

    Subscriptions to the unclassified Journal of Directed Energy, as well as past issues of the Journal, are available for purchase from the DEPS online store. Each subscription includes two issues. Currently, DEPS is able to distribute the unlcassified Journal of Directed Energy to DEPS members as a benefit of membership.

    In addition, DEPS offers online access to papers pending publication in the Journal. Abstracts from these To-be-Published Papers are available to the public while the entire papers are available to our subscribers, including DEPS members. This page will segue into online publication, which will parallel hardcopy publication of the Journal.

    Obtaining Papers from the Classified Journal

    DEPS also publishes the classified Journal of Directed Energy (Limited Edition). Individual papers from the classified Journal are available, free of charge, to persons with the proper security credentials through the Directed Energy Engineering and Analysis Center (DE2AC).

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