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Space-Based Laser Idea Returns as Orbital Debris Cleaner
(posted: 20 April 2015)

Space trash is a growing problem as more and more debris is released into our Earth's orbit. Now, scientists have put forward a blueprint for a purely space-based laser system to solve the issue. More.

Hammett, Schriempf Named to Board of Scientific and Engineering Advisors
(posted: 15 April 2015)

Kelly Hammett and Tom Schriempf have been named by the DEPS Board to serve three-year terms on the Board of Scientific and Engineering Advisors. Executive Director Mark Neice has expressed the gratitute of the society to out-going BSEA members Bill Baker and Louis Marquet for their service. More.

Directed Energy Weapons Report Published by Center for a New American Security
(posted: 9 April 2015)

Visiting Senior Fellow Dr. Jason Ellis examines the value of directed energy weapons and makes a series of recommendations for how the U.S. can invest in a cost-effective and time-efficient manner to further mature this important technology. The report is a project of the CNAS 20YY Warfare Initiative, led by 20YY Warfare Initiative Director Paul Scharre. More.

HEL Joint Technology Office News Bulletin Posted
(posted: 7 April 2015)

The High Energy Laser Joint Technology Office News Bulletin for April, 2015 has been posted. This newsletter includes a status report on HEL JTO initiatives including the advanced beam control for locating and engagement (ABLE) initiative. The newsletter also covers current HEL JTO endeavors with the International community. More.

David Titterton Publishes Book "Military Laser Technology and Systems"
(posted: 5 April 2015)

David Titterton's book "Military Laser Technology and Systems" has been published by Artech House. Dr. Titterton, visiting professor of military electronic and systems engineering at Cranfield University, is a long-term DEPS member. More.

Kelly Hammett Named New DEPS Fellow
(posted: 25 March 2015)

Kelly Hammett was invested as a DEPS Fellow on 2 March 2015 at the Annual Directed Energy Symposium in Anaheim, California. He was cited for outstanding leadership and technical contributions in the development, integration, and test of the Airborne Laser and other significant work. More.

Horkovich, Maloney, Ross, Schall Elected New DEPS Officers
(posted: 4 March 2015)

James Horkovich was elected DEPS President at the DEPS Board of Directors meeting on 3 March. The other officers elected were Vice President Jeff Maloney, Secretary Sean Ross and Treasurer Harold Schall. These officers will serve until the next Annual Directed Energy Symposium. More.

Lockheed Martin ATHENA System Stops Truck
(posted: 3 March 2015)

Lockheed Martin’s 30-kilowatt fiber laser weapon system successfully disabled the engine of a small truck during a recent field test. Known as ATHENA, for Advanced Test High Energy Asset, the ground-based prototype system burned through the engine manifold in a matter of seconds from more than a mile away. More.

High Energy Lasers: New Advances in Defense Applications
(posted: 20 February 2015)

Directed-energy weapons systems could provide efficient, cost-effective countermeasures in an age of drones and other airborne threats. Recent scientific and engineering breakthroughs are bringing these systems closer to deployment. More.

Online Journal of Directed Energy Launched
(posted: 19 February 2015)

An online version of the Journal of Directed Energy has been launched. Currently, it contains papers that have completed the review and editing process, making them available as preprints well before the hardcopy issue is published. Later they will be included in online issues that will parallel the hardcopy Journal issues. A link to the Current Papers page is available at the bottom of the Publications box on the DEPS Welcome Page. More.

Global Military Laser Systems Market 2015-2019 Published
(posted: 17 February 2015)

Laser systems are widely used for military and defense purposes as rangefinders, illuminators, laser weapons, directed energy weapons, and infrared countermeasures. This report covers the present scenario and growth prospects of the Global Military Laser Systems market for the period 2015-2019. More.

U.K./U.S. Directed Energy Workshop Announced for June
(posted: 10 February 2015)

Progress in the development and application of high energy laser and high power RF directed energy weapon (DEW) technologies for military missions is explored in this Workshop, held on 15-19 June under bilateral exchange agreements between the U.S. and U.K. governments. The Workshop Committee is seeking contributions. Abstracts are due by 30 March. More.

Chief of Naval Operations Praises Laser Weapons and Railgun
(posted: 4 February 2015)

The Chief of Naval Operations (CNO), Adm. Jonathan Greenert, today outlined the top science and technology objectives for the Navy and Marine Corps of the future, at the Naval Future Force Science and Technology (S&T) EXPO in Washington, D.C “Number one, you’ve got to get us off gunpowder,” said Greenert, noting that Office of Naval Research-supported weapon programs like Laser Weapon System (LaWS) and the Electromagnetic Railgun are vital to the future force. More.

Laser Pioneer Charles Townes Dies
(posted: 31 January 2015)

The US physicist Charles Townes, who shared the 1964 Nobel Prize for Physics for his work that led to the development of the laser, has died at the age of 99. Townes played an integral part in the race to make the first laser by developing its forerunner – the "maser" – which could produce and amplify electromagnetic radiation in the microwave region of the spectrum. More.

Motes Publishes "Laser Beam Combining Methods"
(posted: 28 January 2015)

Andrew Motes has published "Laser Beam Combining Methods", the sixth and most recent in his laser book series. Motes' books are listed on the Member Books page, a listing available for all directed energy books published by DEPS Members. More.

Ball Aerospace Advertises Laser Positions
(posted: 28 January 2015)

Ball Aerospace is advertising laser positions in Albuquerque. Position titles include Senior Laser Research Engineer, Project Engineer I - Thermal, and Project Engineer II - HEL Technology. More More and More.

Turkey Successfully Tests Laser Weapon
(posted: 26 January 2015)

Turkish defense industry engineers successfully tested the first prototype of the High Power Laser Weapons System similar to the U.S.-developed Laser Weapon System, according to a Turkish daily last Monday. More.

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