Directed Energy Systems Symposium
25-29 September 2017 Monterey, California

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The Directed Energy (DE) Systems Symposium focuses on systems aspects of DE in a limited-attendance environment.
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Portions of the Systems Symposium will be conducted at the Secret level, and attendance at all sessions is limited to U.S. citizens with security clearances, who are employees of the U.S. Government or its contractors.

Substantial program changes have been made to the Systems Symposium. This change is in reaction to the increasing opportunities to transition our Directed Energy Weapon concepts. The opening plenary session will be replaced by a full day of system level talks. DEPS has received confirmation that six DoD efforts will be participating. These invited talks include the Navy’s Laser Weapon System Demonstrator (LWSD), the Marine Corps’ Ground-Based Air Defense (GBAD), the Army’s High Energy Laser Mobile Test Truck (HELMTT), the Navy-Air Force Joint High Power Electromagnetic Non-Kinetic Strike (HIJENKS), the AF Self-Protect High Energy Laser Demonstrator (SHiELD) and the AF High-power Adaptive Directed Energy Weapon (HADES). Following this exclusive event are two days of orals and posters that focus on system level contributions.

This new format is designed to inform interested parties about the general state of this emerging military relevant technology. It also serves our research and development scientists and engineers with a comprehensive view of our technology needs.

Symposium Highlights

  • Details surrounding the six system level talks; LWSD, GBAD, HELMTT, HIJENKS, SHiELD, HADES

    Preliminary Overview Agenda

      Monday, 25 September
    Short Courses

      Tuesday, 26 September
    DEW System Plenary Talks - All Day
    Evening Reception

      Wednesday, 27 September
    Intel Brief - Morning
    Poster Session - Mid- to Late Morning
    Technical Sessions - Remander of Day

      Thursday, 28 September
    Technical Sessions - All Day

      Friday, 29 September
    Closing Plenary
    Symposium Adjourns 1100
    • Forum is classified.
    • Each program overview presentation will last one hour and 10 minutes.
    • Each will be presented during the Tuesday plenary session.
    • DEPS encourages the use of additional presentation time slots to further detail the systems – These oral presentations will be presented in the sessions following the plenary.
  • Co-located technical conference contributions now mapped into focus areas to support a system perspective
    • System Trades
    • Applied Beam Control
    • Laser Maturation
    • Auxiliary Functions
    • Lessons Learned
    • Mission Models
    • Applied HPM
    • Lethality
    • Policy
  • Short Courses
  • Invited speakers
  • Unclassified and Classified technical presentations
  • Evening reception

Call for Papers

Contributions are solicited for presentation with a primary interest in topics that support a system level view of Directed Energy Weapons (DEW) and activities that support the transition of DEW system, sub-system, or technology toward an operational system. Topics of interest include but are not limited to:

  • At either a system or subsystem level, report on the “Ilities” such as reliability, maintainability, and logistical supportability
  • Demonstrator or experiment status and the technology transition plan
  • Lesson learned either past or present about the policy, engineering, and/or acquisition challenges of developing the DEW including topics like life cycle cost analysis, the Analysis of Alternatives process, and other acquisition-related topics
  • Technologies that offer a system level performance advantage such as compact cooling, electrically and/or volume efficient lasers or rf sources, performance enhancing beam control or antenna concepts, mobile power systems, compact beam directors or antennas, or concepts to improve magazine depth
  • System operational requirements including weapon system performance, effectiveness, interoperability, deconfliction/predictive avoidance, fratricide avoidance and how these requirements were developed
  • Concept of operations (CONOPS) development, war-gaming, or studies that survey or support the utility of a DEW
  • Weapon system integration requirements, constraints and issues including Size, Weight, Power, and Cost (SWaPC)
  • DEW effects

A special networking event will be held Wednesday morning: The poster presentation session will be supported by the six plenary system talks where attendees can interact with the system teams as well as review an estimated 60 poster presentations on near and far term technologies. Unlike the system oral presentations, poster presentations can include basic research and other topics not directly traceable to the impact on the system.

Note that all persons wishing to present at the Directed Energy Systems Symposium will be required to submit an abstract. (See Submission Instructions section below.) Important dates for presenters are listed in the table below.

Important Dates for Presenters

  14 July
Abstracts due

  28 July
Authors notified of acceptance

  8 September
Presentations due with release forms

  21 September
Papers due with release forms

  25-29 September
DE Systems Symposium

Submission Instructions

General information on the submission of abstracts, presentations, papers and release forms is provided below. Specific information on sending presentations and papers will be provided here soon. Presentations and papers will be considered for acceptance at Distribution Limitations A and D and at Secret levels.

Note that it is the responsibility of the lead author to obtain all approvals and releases for submitted abstracts, presentations, and papers. All submitted materials including unclassified presentations must be appropriately marked for security classification as well as identification of any distribution restrictions. Additionally, please identify the presenter (if different from the lead author) and update contact information.

Abstracts must be unclassified and should be between 500 and 1000 words. They must include presentation title, a complete description of the presentation/paper, author's names/organizations, lead author contact information, expected classification of the presentation/paper as well as the expected distribution restrictions. Authors may choose whether to release either the title or the abstract online. Those who do not yet have public release approval are encouraged to submit the abstract before the deadline and select the appropriate options on the submission form to keep the details off the Website listing. Authors may also make arrangements to submit classified or limited distribution material. To do so, authors should submit a place-holder title and abstract through the online submission form and follow the instructions there that are suitable for their material.

An online form for submission of the abstracts will be available here.

Presentations and Papers

Specific instructions for submission of presentations, papers and release forms will be available here.

Location and Accommodations

Technical sessions of the Directed Energy Systems Symposium will be held at the Hyatt Regency Monterey Hotel, 1 Old Golf Course Road, Monterey, California, and at the Naval Postgraduate School.

DEPS has negotiated a block of rooms at government rates for Symposium attendees. To make a reservation at these reduced rates, click here and use the hotel's online reservation system. Reservations must be made early to insure the reduced rates.

Fees & Options ---Pre Registration---


------ Short Courses ------

  Through 31 July Through 20 September On-site Half-day Full-day
DEPS members $950 $1050 $1150 $250 $450
Non-members $1100 $1200 $1300 $250 $450
Government Employees $700 $700 $700 $250 $450
Esteemed Leader Volunteer (1) $300 $300 $300 $250 $450
Qualifying Students (2) $300 $300 $300 $0 $0
Other Full-Time Students -----Full price based on membership status, see above---- $0 $0

(1) Esteemed Leaders are retired DEPS members willing to volunteer for 2 half days of service. In exchange for their help in putting on a successful program we can offer a reduced rate for their attendance to the overall symposium. Please contact for more information.

(2) Full time students will be admitted at reduced charge provided they either (1) agree to assist DEPS staff for two half-days of service, or (2) are presenting at the Symposium, and agree to assist DEPS for a single half-day day of service. If these conditions are not met, students will be required to pay the full registration fee. Note however that short courses are free for all full-time student registrants regardless of their volunteer/presenter status. However, students who are not presenting or volunteering will need to use a stand-alone short course registration form (to be available here) to obtain this rate.

Registration fees include participation in all Symposium sessions for which the attendee qualifies; breakfast snacks* and coffee breaks Tuesday through Friday mornings, lunch Tuesday through Thursday, the evening reception on Tuesday, and a copy of the proceedings. *Note that Government Employee registration does not include breakfast. Breakfast can be purchased for $10/day with your registration.

Short course registrations include student materials, refreshments, and Continuing Education Unit (CEU) credits for successful students. Morning courses include breakfast snacks and a box lunch is provided to those attending afternoon courses. Two half-day courses can be selected for the price of a full-day course. Short courses can be purchased separate from your Symposium registration by using a form to be available here.


Proceedings of the Symposium will be published. See our Online Store for proceedings of previous Directed Energy Systems Symposia.

Symposium Contacts

Symposium Chair:
Dan Marker (505) 846-2871
Symposium Coordinator/Short Courses
Cynnamon Spain (505) 998-4910
Security, Registration, and Receipts
Tiffany Bjelke (505) 998-4910

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