UK/US Directed Energy Workshop
12-16 June 2017 Swindon, United Kingdom

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A Joint UK-US Workshop
  Hosted this Year by the MOD in the United Kingdom

Progress in the development and application of high energy laser and high power RF directed energy weapon (DEW) technologies for military missions are explored in this workshop. It extends a
Defence Academy campus at Shrivenham
series of bilateral meetings, the most recent of which was 2015 UK/US DE Workshop.

This Workshop is specifically designed for Secret U.S. and U.K. discussions and presentations, under bilateral exchange agreements between the U.S. and U.K. governments. DEPS role is to support these exchanges, in registration, catering, badging and other logistical activities.

Participation in the UK/US DE Workshop is limited to American and British citizens with the proper visit request on file with the appropriate government offices. Please see Security below.


  • RF DEW technical sessions
  • Laser DEW technical sessions
  • Invited plenary speakers
  • Short courses
    • Introduction to High Energy Laser Systems
    • Introduction to RF Systems
    • Atmospheric Laser Propagation
    • HPM Effects and Data Collection
    • Introduction to High Energy Laser Lethality Science
  • Exhibits
  • Social events, including Tuesday evening reception and Thursday evening Oxford excursion

Overview Agenda

A preliminary overview of the Workshop agenda is offered below. The final program will vary from this overview. The program on Monday and Friday will be held at the Workshop hotel. The program on Tuesday through Thursday will be held at the Defence Academy in Shrivenham. Coach transportation will be provided.

Monday, 12 June
1200 On-site badging and check-in opens at hotel
1300 Short Courses
Course 1: Introduction to HEL Systems
Course 2: Introduction to RF Systems
Course 3: Atmospheric Laser Propagation
Tuesday, 13 June
0800 Coach Check-in at Marriott Hotel
0900 On-Site Registration Opens
0930 Plenary Session
1200 Lunch
1300 Joint Session
1730 Reception at Marriott
Wednesday, 14 June
0800 Coach Check-in at Marriott
0900 On-Site Registration Opens
Wednesday, 14 June (continued)
0930 Breakout Sessions
1250 Lunch
1335 Breakout Sessions
Thursday, 15 June
0800 Coach Check-in at Marriott
0900 On-Site Registration Opens
0930 Breakout Sessions
1240 Lunch
1340 Breakout Sessions
1730 Oxford Excursion
Additional cost of $30 applies

Friday, 16 June
0800 Short Courses
Course 4: HPM Effects & Data Collection (morning)
Course 5: Introduction to HEL Lethality Science (full day)

Location & Accommodations

The workshop hotel is the Swindon Marriott Hotel, Pipers Way, Swindon, United Kingdom, telephone: +44-1793-512-121. We have reserved a block of rooms at a reduced rate for Workshop attendees. British attendees should use this link to obtain a reservation. American attendees should use this one. Reservations must be made by 19 May to receive the reduced rate.

Only a light breakfast will be offered on site at the Defence Academy on Tuesday through Thursday. However, the Marriott offers a full breakfast buffet for guests at the hotel.

The hotel reserves the right to enforce its policies, procedures, and cancellation fees. DEPS is not responsible for any hotel cancellation charges, penalties, or billing discrepancies.

Workshop sessions will be held at the hotel and at the Defence Academy in Shrivenham. Bus transportation will be provided between the hotel and the off-site technical sessions. Driving personal vehicles to the technical sessions is strongly discouraged due to access delays and very limited space for parking.

Companions & Social Events

Companions are always a welcome addition to any DEPS meeting. To encourage them, we offer a companion reception ticket which includes attendance at the Tuesday evening reception. (We regret that security requirements at the facility will prevent companions from joining us for lunches.) Companion reception tickets can be purchased as part of your event registration (below) or separately using this form.

Social Trip to Oxford
DEPS will be offering also offered a bus trip to Oxford on Thursday evening for registrants and companions for an additional cost of $30 per person. The Oxford Coach can be purchased as part of your registration. If you've already registered and need to add the Coach, or if you need more than one ticket, please contact DEPS office at or visit the DEPS check-in desk onsite.

Fees & Options ---Pre Registration---

------ Short Courses ------

  Through 15 May Through 9 June Half-day Full-day
DEPS Members $950 $1100 $250 $455
Non-Members $1100 $1250 $250 $455
Government $700 $700 $250 $455

Note: Full-time Royal Defence Academy students enjoy complimentary attendance at the short courses offered at the UK/US DE Workshop.

Registration fees include participation in all Workshop sessions for which the attendee qualifies; snacks, coffee breaks, and lunch from Tuesday through Thursday; the evening reception on Tuesday, and a copy of the Workshop proceedings. Breakfast is not included as part of the registration fee but is available free if staying at the Marriott as a benefit provided by the hotel for hotel guests. Short course registrations include student materials, refreshments, lunch on Friday (if registered for a Friday course), and Continuing Education Unit (CEU) credits for successful students. Persons wishing to register only for the short courses may do so through a form to be available here.


Registration for the UK/US DE Workshop is now available. Short course registration will be added once the courses are confirmed. Persons already registered for the Workshop will be able to add short course to their registration at that time.

To register for the UK/US DE Workshop, please select from one of the following options.

  • Complete this form to submit your registration on-line. Note that on-line registration does not require on-line payment.

  • Some organizations have installed web filters that prevent on-line registration from inside their facilities. If this appears to be true for you, please try again off-site or use the registration option below.

  • Print this registration form and follow the instructions provided.

  • Adobe's free Acrobat Reader is required to view and print our registration forms, which are in PDF format. If you do not already have this product, click here to download this free software.
Please note that there will be no on-site registration available for this event. Please be sure and register before pre-registration ends on 9 June.

Persons requesting cancellation through 15 May will receive a full refund. Cancellations after 15 May are subject to a $100 cancellation fee. There will be no refunds after 6 June.


The UK/US Directed Energy Workshop is SECRET and limited to U.S. and U.K. citizens with the necessary visit request on file with government offices. Please read below for details on requirements for participation in the Workshop. Covered are: Security Clearances, Classified Proceedings, Onsite Security, and for US Attendees, the Request for International Visit and Authority for Foreign Travel.

1. Security Clearances

British Citizens: All British Citizens attending the Workshop need to have a valid and current Security Clearance which must be sent via this form to the Defence Academy at least two weeks prior to the Workshop. (Send to Lynn Cade at and copy Dave Benge

U.S. Citizens: US Citizens wishing to participate in the UKUS DE Workshop must submit a classified visit request to DEPS via the Joint Personnel Adjudication System (JPAS) according to AFI 31-101 and the NISPOM with the following information:

Purpose of Visit: UKUS DE Workshop
Point of contact: Tiffany Bjelke
POC Phone: (505) 217-2062
Visited SMO: 1LNJ44
First day of visit: 12 June 2017
Last day of visit: 16 June 2017

Visit requests due by 15 May 2017. For questions regarding clearances or verification of receipt please call Tiffany Bjelke at (505) 998-4910.

US Citizens planning to attend who do not having access to JPAS may submit classified visit requests via fax according to the instructions below. Note that this method should only be used by those who do not have access to JPAS. Any faxed visit requests for personnel in JPAS will be rejected and required to be re-submitted through JPAS.

The classified visit request must be typed and on your company letter head. You should us the format that is best suited for your operation; however it must contain all applicable information below. The visit request must be signed by your security office/manager as to verify your employment and clearance status. Without this signature, the visit request is invalid and will not be processed.

  1. Full name of attendee
  2. Job title/position
  3. Your company name, address, and phone number
  4. Social security number
  5. Date of birth, place of birth, and citizenship
  6. Clearance level and date granted
  7. POC: Tiffany Bjelke
  8. Purpose of visit: To attend the UKUS DE Workshop
  9. Date of visit:12-16 June 2017
  10. Name and signature of your security manager
Fax requests to the DEPS office at (505) 998-4917. If there are any questions you can reach DEPS Security at (505)998-4910. Please note that all U.S. classified visit requests, through JPAS or faxed, must be received by 15 May 2017.

2. Request for International Visit (US Only)

All US visitors attending this international Workshop must also submit a Request for Visit (RFV) to USDAO according to the instructions below. These forms must be submitted 40 days prior to travel. Late RFV forms will not be accepted. Please be sure and use the form that is applicable to your status and submit no later than 1 May 2017. These MS Word forms can be completed electronically, saved to your local machine, and then submitted as detailed below. Directions for completing the RFV are available here.

Military and Government Personnel: Complete this RFV for Military/Government Personnel. Please ensure you have Country Clearance through your security staff via APACS. Military/government RFVs should be submitted to along with a command letter on unit letterhead verifying the visitor's security clearance. Please be sure to password protect or otherwise encrypt the RFV form prior to sending in order to protect the personal information contained within it. Send any password used in a separate email.

Contractor and Academics: Please complete this partially-completed Contractor/Academic RFV (Fields 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 13 are completed; you should complete the remaining fields 2, 9, 10 and 12, which require personnel information.) Upon completion, review the Encryption Instructions document on the DSS webpage and then email your form via encrypted email to to DSS International Programs at

NOTE: All US RFVs must be submitted at least 40 days prior to your travel.

3. Authority for Foreign Travel

Each organization has different requirements before it allows its employees to travel overseas on official business. Please contact your Foreign Travel/Foreign Disclosure Officer or Security Officer for further guidance.

4. Classified Proceedings

Only one level of proceedings will be published for the Workshop, UK/US Secret, which will be available to all appropriate U.K. and U.S. cleared attendees.

U.S. Citizens: Proceedings will be available and distributed through DE2AC,

British Citizens: Please provide a mailing address to a facility certified to handle and store classified material and the CD and any notes will be sent to you after the event.

Attendees who are presenting at the Workshop should note that it is the author's responsibility to obtain approval for the release of their work. For US Citizens attending the Workshop, this process can take up to 30 days to allow for review, amendments and re-review. Please be sure and leave sufficient time. See Submission Instructions below for detail on the release requirements.

5. Onsite Security Requirements

  • Attendees will be issued Cranfield ID badges on site and must have valid govít ID available at all times
  • Wireless electronic devices are prohibited in classified sessions
  • Classified materials must be processed through security
  • Classified and sensitive but unclassified conversations and discussions are restricted to designated meeting rooms only
  • Audio and video recording is prohibited
  • Security concerns should be addressed to a Security Team member
  • Failure to adhere to security standards could result in denied/revoked Workshop registration

    Call for Papers

    The Workshop Committee is soliciting contributions for the technical programs. Selection of contributions for the program will be based on the review of abstracts.

    Abstracts are solicited in all areas of RF DEW, with special consideration given to these topics:

    • RF DEW Weapon Concepts and Military Utility
    • RF DEW System Engineering and Integration
    • RF DEW Technologies
    • RF DEW Effects and Testing
    • Protection Against RF DEW
    • Overarching Issues (Legal/Policy/Doctrine)
    • Operational Constraints and Interoperability
    • Bioeffects

    Abstracts are solicited in all areas of Laser DEW, with special consideration given to these topics:

    • High Energy Laser Technologies
    • Beam Control Technologies
    • Laser Weapon Concepts and Military Utility
    • HEL Systems Engineering and Integration
    • HEL Effects and Testing
    • Modeling and Simulation
    • Protection Against HEL Weapons
    • Overarching Issues (Safety/Legal/Policy/Doctrine)

    Important Dates for Presenters

      22 March 2017
    Abstracts due

      31 March 2017
    Authors notified of acceptance

      1 May 2017
    U.S. Request for International Visit forms due

      15 May 2017
    U.S. security clearances due

      15 May 2017
    U.S. papers and presentations requiring FDO approval by Danny Stewart or Frank Peterkin due

      19 May 2017
    All remaining presentations and papers due with release forms and, for US, FDO approval letter

      26 May 2017
    U.K. security clearances due

      12-16 June 2017
    UK US DE Workshop


    The abstract submission period is closed. However, some technical sessions are willing to consider late abstract submissions in some areas. For more information, contact the appropriate Technical Chair.

    The Program Committee will inform authors by 31 March 2017 if their contributions are selected for inclusion in the Workshop Technical Program.

    Please note: Authors are warned that obtaining permission to make presentations to this international audience, especially at classified levels, will require an extended review process. Be sure to allow sufficient time after the creation of your presentation to complete these reviews. It is suggested that authors seek initial permission to release their work to the UK/US Community prior to submitting their abstract.

    Papers and Presentations

    Authors are encouraged to submit papers as well as presentations. Papers accompanying presentations selected for the technical program will be published in the Workshop proceedings and should follow the DEPS Meeting Paper Format. Upon author approval, papers may be forwarded for consideration by editors of the Journal of Directed Energy, a peer-reviewed publication.

    All presentations should be prepared using MS PowerPoint or Adobe PDF; papers should be in MS Word or Adobe PDF.

    Release of Papers and Presentations
    It is the author's responsibility to obtain approval from their sponsoring agency for the release of their work to

    Presentation Release Form
    Paper Release Form
    this international US/UK audience. All authors, from both the US and the UK, are required to complete the applicable Release Forms, available to the right, for each presentation or paper submitted. These release forms are due by 26 May 2017 and should be submitted according to the instructions on the form.

    Submissions by US Authors must also obtain approval from a Foreign Disclosure Officer (FDO). This process, which can take up to 30 days to complete, will be handled for you by submitting your presentation/paper to the persons listed below by the deadline of 15 May 2017. Authors of secret presentations are encourged to submit earlier to allow ample time for the review process.

    Submitting Papers and Presentations
    Electronic copies of papers and presentations should be sent as follows based on the author's citizenship. Note that presentations and papers, along with the required release form, must be received no later than 26 May. Authors needing FDO review by Danny or Frank must submit by 15 May.

    Submissions for U.S. Citizens

    Submissions must have received prior approval of the sponsoring agency for the foreign release of the information. Danny Stewart and Frank Peterkin will be reviewing strictly for security compliance against the existing AFRL and Navy agreements.

    Note that any email over 10MB in size will be rejected by the system. Please ensure that your submission are less than 10MB. If electonic submissions are not feasible, CD-ROMs of papers and presentations can be mailed to the address found here based on technical area.

    Submissions for British Citizens
    • Official or O-S UK RF DEW Submissions: Email to

    • Official or O-S UK Laser DEW Submissions: Email to

    • Submissions above O or O-S, or if electronic submissions are not feasible : Contact your session chair for instructions on sending to the Defence Academy.
    Regardless of classification, authors need to have made arrangements to have their papers cleared by Martin Hubbard or Kevin Burrett (or delegated alternatives) no later than Friday 26 May.

    Security Markings
    All papers and presentations must be assigned the appropriate authorized Release Statement (UK) or Distribution Statement (US) for publishing. Classified and limited release papers/presentations must be approved for release to both the UK and US Government Agencies and their contractors. All papers and presentations must be properly marked according to their classification and distribution. Included in the distributions statement, the agreement being used should be called out. For example, if using the HEL agreement, the distribution statement should include the "UK distribution authorized under MIE MOU: UK-RN-N-09-5969."

    Workshop Contacts

    RF DEW Co-Chairs:    
    Martin Hubbard, DSTL +44 7770-0926000
    Don Shiffler, AFRL +1 505-853-3906
    Laser DEW Co-Chairs:    
    Kevin Burrett, DSTL + 44 7776 484246
    Walter Fink, JTO +1 505-248-8200
    Gillian Cooper, DSTL +44 1980-658730
    Registration and DEPS Security:    
    Tiffany Bjelke +1 505-998-4910
    Workshop Coordinator:    
    Cynnamon Spain +1 505-998-4910

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